Helpful Information

Before the power cut

If electricity is crucial for any medical equipment/medical condition, please contact us.

Before the planned power cut begins, switch electric fries and cookers off to avoid accidents when the power is restored.

We recommend that you turn off and unplug and sensitive equipment that you can reach easily, such as TV’s, satellites receivers, burglar alarms, machinery, computers and other office equipment. There is no need to turn every plug off though.

Leave one light on to let you know when the power returns 

When your power returns

Remember to reset any time switches on your central heating and other appliances.

If you arrive home and find the power is still off, please reset your trip switches/fuse box by turning them off and then on again – if this does not restore your power then please call us for further advice and assistance.

Useful information

During a power cut your landline phone may not work

In extreme weather conditions or if the ambient temperature is below zero degrees we may have to postpone this work

Please note that we are unable to provide generators for private use.

For overhead electricity network upgrading work our engineers often need access to properties to carry out essential safety checks, before restoring power supplies. If no access is available please call 0800 0280247 or 01243 500247 (if your calling from a mobile) on your return.

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